Panoramic IDE

Panoramic IDE 0.9

Panoramic IDE creates system objects, sounds, 2D drawings and much more
0.9.20 (See all)

Panoramic IDE is the Integrated Development Environment of the PANORAMIC language.
It makes possible:
- to create directly the interface of your application with the mouse : you choose your objects, you drop and resize them on the main form (method of "drag and drop"),
- to create and edit the specific source code of your application,
- to execute the source to test your application and to observe its aspects and behaviours,
- to generate executable files and stand-alone applications which can be distributed and used without PANORAMIC,
- to save your work,
- to load your saved work,
- to check if your syntax is correct with the highlight syntax function,
- to have an help on the syntax and the use of commands and functions,
- to chose the working language (english or french).

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